About the Study


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that is the leading cause of dementia among the elderly. For someone who is diagnosed with the disease, memories aren’t as clear, thoughts become confused, and behavior doesn’t seem quite right, which significantly impacts daily life. While there are medications currently approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease, many patients continue to see declines in memory, thought process, and behavior.

What if we could slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease with better sleep? Recent research has identified a link between sleep, cognitive dysfunction, and Alzheimer’s disease. Research indicates that increased sleep time and quality for Alzheimer’s patients may have a positive impact on cognitive function.

Studies show that 63% of the patients with subtle dementia and 44% of the patients diagnosed with AD suffer from sleep disturbances.

ReCOGNITION is a research study testing whether an investigational sleep-promoting Alzheimer’s drug called Piromelatine can help to slow cognitive deterioration, or improve cognitive function. 

The results of the ReCOGNITION study will provide more information about the investigational drug, dosing ranges, and its effect on cognitive performance in patients with mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s.

Qualified participants in the ReCOGNITION study will be seen by a doctor and receive all study-related exams, care and medications at no cost. Compensation may be available.

Find out if you qualify by answering a few questions, or call 1-855-867-5577.

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